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    I was bullied as a young child which left its internal scars to the point I had a stomach ulcer at age 16. One year later I decided I could not live that way going forward...there just had to be more to life.

    You will get answers to the questions you ask and I was handed my first personal development book at 17. That was the start of my continuing quest for personal growth. I landed in the Oilfield Inspection Industry where that internal growth enabled me to build amazing relationships with people from many cultures around the world. I started coaching training in 2009 for 2 years and joined the John Maxwell Team in 2012.

    A Transformational trip in 2013 changed my life as I felt the significance many people search for, and few discover by themselves. On the way home, after training 19,000 facilitators in THE most impactful process I have ever seen, I quit my job. I also said about 30 years ago, that, if anyone was going to train me to speak, it would be Les Brown or nobody....That started to happen in careful what you wish for.

    When I walked away from my job as an expert in the industry, people thought I was crazy....I leave that open for discussion...but I finally started to do something that spoke directly to my heart and soul; Positively impacting people. I discovered my amazing partner at International Leadership Certification and we started our Ki Leadership Institute.

    I specialise in Leadership solutions, communication, behavioural analysis, sustainable personal development, transformation, keynote speaking, coaching, mentoring and mindset development.

    I help leaders, managers, and business owners discover, and solve, their most stressful challenges, so they can run their organizations more effectively, while also enjoying more peaceful sleep at night.

    My passion is to positively impact millions of people to become the person they were always meant to be. If that is you, connect with me to discover how I can add value to your life. Let's make a difference...together!

    "I believe in a world where people are inspired to use their voice and lead, rather than suffer in silence and follow!" - Jan Robberts

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