Idea generator

The start of any business


Start by listing things that you like doing (without thinking of how to create business or planning or money). Only think about things you like and we will guide you forwards. Add all you can think of.

Things I like

    At Cubimo, we like ice cream, but that isn’t really something it is possible to get better at. Based on the things you listed, mark here the ones where you can develop more skill and get better over time.

    When you get really good at the things you have listed, you can turn that skill into a product or service. If you would tell someone about that, what would you say? Imagine you are already an expert and describe here in what way you can help others.

    Organize your list in order of priority. Put the one you like the most at the top

    We will provide a list of local resources to help build your business faster

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    • We will show you how to earn money, how to find partners, suppliers, investors and more.
    • Celebrate the progress that you have made! Today is an important day and you have taken a big step forwards.