Idea Framework

The idea


Idea Framework

The how


Idea Framework

The Money


Your idea combines what you like, what you are good at and how you bring value to others

  • Talk about your idea in free form. Paint a picture with your words. What do you want to do?

    Example: help people in constructing their dream home
  • Your idea is based on what you want to do. We hope it something that you really like spending time on. That’s how you get good at it. And when you are good at something, people will ask for your help. What will you help them with? When you help them, they will pay you.

    Example: Consulting hours, blue prints and construction contracts

Your future customers are waiting for you. They want your solutions

  • Think about your customer. What is the value you bring? Or what is the problem that you help them with? If your customers get a great value from you, they will pay for it. After they buy it, what will happen for them? How will things improve? What is the effect? Why do they need it?

    Example: They don’t know how to build houses
  • How and where will you tell your future customers about your product / service. If they don’t know about your business, they cannot become your customer. Think about ways to advertise and communicate your message. Think about how you will reach them.

    Example: Using social media ads and also by giving offers that customers can give to new customers

Writing down what you want is the first step to getting there. Describe what you want to do by answering these short questions.

  • This is not about what you think you you can do. We will get to that kind of planning later in Cubimo. Right now we are asking about what you want and what you can believe (even if it seems difficult or impossible). Again: What revenue do you want in your first year?

    Example: 1000000
  • How many customers do you think you can serve in your first year? How many can you deliver to? Remember that delivery takes time and work so think about what you think you can do. However, don’t be afraid to set a high number. It will help you develop faster.

    Example: 25
  • Most new companies that fail do so because they don’t have the funding needed to make the company succeed. Do you already know how to fund your business or do you need someone to invest in it?

    Example: 350000