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Do you already have an idea or do you need to find one?

A clear 3 step process

All the tools you need for each step of the way


How do you find an idea and how do you evaluate the potential of the idea? With the Passion formula and the Cubimo 3-tier test, you will find out.


Investors are always looking for good ideas to invest in. We will show you how they can find you.


With the Cubimo Rapid Prototyping process, you will get feedback along the way and it is now easier and faster to launch a new business.

How long have you thought about starting a business?

Is today the day when you will start your journey?

Your ideas are important

At Cubimo we believe your ideas come to you for a reason and that it is important you act on them when they come. We care about your progress and we are here for you if you have any questions.

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Specific business start up information

The basic building blocks for turning an idea into a business are the same. But of course there are specific needs for each type of business based on industry, geography, goals and more. Let Cubimo tailor make resources for you. What type of business would you like to start?

  • Which of your chosen areas is most important to you?

  • Which of your chosen areas is most important to you?

  • Which of your chosen areas is most important to you?

Cubimo is a fast growing community

Why try to do it all yourself?

Don’t get left behind

When you look back at today, make sure you are one of those who decided to TAKE ACTION. There is absolutely no business experience required and Cubimo will guide you through the process. If you don’t have an idea yet, we also will help you find one.

Your ideas are safe

Your idea account is your private account to work on your ideas. Only you can access your ideas. You can choose to invite people you trust to become team members, but you still control what they see. It's your ideas, you own them and you are in control.

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People from more than 80 countries have joined Cubimo and they are working on their ideas, learning about Entrepreneurship and meeting people to collaborate with.

The Global Cubimo Community

Cubimo was created for people who would like to start a business and who are looking for a strategy and a way to do that. Cubimo users are connected to like minded people from all over the world and here, nobody is divided by geographical borders, cultural differences or language. Here we are joined by a common cause to create something new and to bring value to the world. Together, we are Cubimo.


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With Cubimo, you will turn your idea into a business and that gives you the FREEDOM of choice in your life. You decide how things will be.

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