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    What have you worked with before and why do you want to build this business? (you can always change this later)

    What do you need now / What are you most looking for help with? (you can always change this later)

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      This is where you tell the world who you are in a short and specific way. Remember that the more clear you are, the more good people can find you and help you
    • Influencer Tab
      Share your knowledge and inspiration with others in the world and build your subscribers as you go. The more subscribers you have, the more people you are helping. And if you want to sell products and services to them, you can do that.
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      Keep this turned on to market your ideas and allow great people to find you. Maybe they can help you or invest in what you are doing?
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      An active community is important for expanding your network. And it has been said that your Net worth is based upon your Network.