Are you asking enough questions? I have realized that most people are not asking enough questions. You have to ask questions. Asking questions is, in my opinion the most powerful and neglected secret behind success and happiness in the world.

Many years ago when I started my first sales job as a door to door salesperson of fire extinguishers, I learned something called the question technique. I learned a lot in this job and what carry with me is that I learned to ask questions. It is also the ability behind many of my successes.

I have a habit of always asking questions and then really listen to the answer. I ask questions to find out who the person I’m talking with really is. I ask questions to find out how I can help him or her. When I’m asking questions, focus goes from me to the person I have in front of me and the person feels acknowledged.

I ask questions when I don’t know what to say. I ask questions when I’m disconcerted or when I don’t understand something, and the funny thing is that there are often more people who don’t understand either. In recent years, I have even learned to ask for help and I have found that most people are happy to help.

What are you doing? Are you asking enough questions? Are you asking questions to find out other people’s needs, how you can help them and are you asking questions if you don’t understand something? Perhaps most importantly: are you asking for help or are you trying to solve too much on your own?

Good luck!