You are a born creative genius & then you're trained to be like everyone else.

I believe in God. If you believe in intelligent design, universal intelligence or whatever you call it recognise that there is a design to all things. There's a perfect function to how this all operates. As there is a design so there is a creator. You are the most magnificent creation and your power is to co-create.

Creativity is something most people believe they are born with or without and this is just not true. We are all creative. As a child you would of spent hours with a stick, a pan, or small object, endlessly joyriding it through an imagination without restraint. Then school, work, jobs and generally the environment you live in tell you to quit day dreaming. Focus on reality.

Ahhh these poor souls have forgotten how to live!

Besides everything around you is nothing more than a creation from the mind of someone at some point in time - I can promise you they were day dreamers! But you've got to unlock it and develop it. The answer to your problems are in your ability to get creative about them.

Want more money - instead of just getting a job; is there a creative way you can earn more of it? Want a better quality relationship - how can you spice it up, bring more joy in it and make it remarkable?

If you have unlimited potential, and you do, your creativity is the tool you have to unleash more of it.

Here are some ways you can practice becoming more creative:

  • Buy a colouring book and colour outside the edges - you crazy person

  • Skip the day of work and go to the lake without your phone and with no purpose to it just to think. Perhaps roll on the grass and stare at the clouds for a bit and let ideas flow to you.

  • Take your favourite book, or a copy of it, rip out the pages, cut out the sentences and make a new book from the sentences!

  • At your next meeting remove all chairs and tables and give everyone a giant piece of paper and crayons to write ideas on.

  • Drive the wrong way home.

  • Run backwards

Creativity holds stupendous amounts of joy in it and it's within you all the time.

It's been said a problem identified is a problem half solved, the solution is in your creativity.

By the very laws of nature, everything has an opposite. There is no up without a down and no hot without a cold. Your problems must have solutions. Now the very nature of a problem presents an opportunity for you to grow. And the bigger the problem, the bigger the growth and reward if solved.

All the problems in your life are precisely there because you’ve attracted them and you must overcome them to grow into the new you. Creativity is the skill set that will allow you to overcome any problem you encounter.

As you solve each problem you will then, by that very fact, create a new and bigger one. Each time testing your limitless creative genius locked up within you and thereby creating an incredibly bold, beautiful, and colourful life.

Don’t shy away from problems - embrace them.

Know that you cannot not have problems in your life so the only option is to focus on what you can do. That is to tap into your imagination and start thinking outside the box.

Better yet; why even have a box?

Go forward confidently knowing that you can absolutely surmount any challenge, obstacle, or problem because you’ve been gifted with this incredible resource called creativity.

Feel free to share, like and leave a comment on how you can, have or will solve a problem that’s been on your heart recently.