When you feel inspired, you have joy and you look towards the future with excitement. You have hope. And when you have hope, you have options because it boosts creativity and it gives you energy. Or rather, you are releasing the energy you have inside of you by focusing on what you want. The great speaker Wayne Dyer explained that he thought of the word inspired as being in-spirit, meaning to be in harmony with who you truly are. When you are inspired, you are doing what you feel good doing. 

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple explained the importance of doing what you like by stating that since it is so hard to start a business, the only rational thing to do if you didn't love what you are doing, is to quit. Simply put, search for what you love doing and then search for ideas that allow you to create a business based on what you love doing. By this definition, inspiration is within you and you find it by doing what you like. You find it by focusing on what you want.