Today, the value of ideas increase every day. The fact that you are thinking about ideas and searching for an idea that is right for you puts you in the top. Know that and be proud of this fact. So many people never look for a next step in their life. 

An idea that you can build a business from needs to be based on your passion as much as possible. For most people, if the ideas is not based on passion, it is close to impossible to have the energy required to turn the idea into reality. Energy comes from a genuine desire to want to work on the idea. You can easily see that this is why passion is important. 

The second part of an idea is based on the customer. The idea needs to be focused on delivering some kind of value to its future customers. They have to have a reason to pay money for it and that reason needs to be very clear to them. When they see your future company, you want them to quickly get the feeling that they have to have your service and/or product. Why? Because it is so obvious that it will make things better for them. If you sell bottles of water, the location for where you do it, how fast you do it and at what price are some of the factors that the future customer will consider. All of which answer the customer question of “does this deliver value to me?”. Simply put, the potential customer is trying to figure out if it is a good idea to buy from you or not.

The faster the customer understands the value of what you do and the faster they can compare it to other alternatives (in terms of price, speed of delivery, how much time/energy is required from the customer and so on), the better it is. This is the customers buying decision and from now on - become aware of your own thought patterns when you buy something. What do you care about? What do you think aobut? What kind of questions do you always ask before you buy something? These are the same for every customer, every time and for every service/product. 

To summarize, when you look for an idea, look for something that you like doing and for something that will add value to your customers. When they see your future company and what you do, you want it to be easy for them to decide to become your customer.