Many people are looking for the perfect opportunity, the big break. They are searching high and low for things they want or “their big chance”, but opportunities don’t come stamped with their value, they have to be discovered.

The problem is that these people are out to get something and opportunities usually show themselves to those who want to give something. One of my biggest opportunities came when I was talking with someone I didn’t know all that well, who had a problem. While we were sitting there talking, I wasn’t focused on myself at all, rather my full attention was on helping him. Helping him, in turn, lead me to one of the greatest opportunities in my life.

Opportunities are always within reach, you just have to be prepared to catch them when they fly by. The easiest way to discover them is to give, give the best that you have. Instead of looking to get something of value, you can focus on giving something of value. What you can do that creates positive change, that’s where the opportunity is.

What can you give today? Consider what the best is that you can give to someone close to you and do it right away. Because when you give something great, something great will always come back to you. It doesn’t always come from the direction you gave it in, but it will always come back. There’s even a law of physics stating this: The law of cause and effect.

Good luck!