Social media has changed the face of today's business marketing -- the way marketers communicate with their customers on a global level, the way conversions are made online, the way a brand permeates deep into consumer psyche and much more. Therefore, if you are planning to set up a business, you must spruce up your social side; the stronger it is, the better it serves the purpose of bringing in more sales leads for your business.  Marketing for your business takes on a completely new shade when you start tapping the full potential of your social media presence, particularly Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or their more popular likes.

Your social presence doesn't just keep your brand healthy and hearty, it also translates into more sales for your business, if used strategically. One such strategic implementation of social media is by integrating it with your landing page. To get things right, you must know that the landing page is not your homepage or your microsite, nor your gateway page. It is a standalone web page created for a specific marketing campaign of your business. So, if your social presence manifests on this landing page, it builds credibility and increases the Click-Through-Rate (CTR) for your marketing goal.


Why is a social media presence integral to your brand today?

The reasons are many, and the reasons are simple. At the heart of it, if you exist on a social platform with a handsome amount of 'Likes' and 'Followers', it acts as a social proof that you are 'tried and tested' and that people trust you. So your visitors must too! This, in a way, is a form of influential marketing that can do wonders to your revenue curve.

Here are some quick and interesting stats, which every marketer should be cognizant of:

  • Conversions go up by 13% with social media, as compared to the ordinary lead conversions.
  • A hefty 74% of marketers are of the opinion that Facebook comprises a lion's share of their lead generation tactic.
  • More than 50% of marketers won customers through Facebook in 2013.
  • About 35% won them via Twitter in the same year.
  • 50% marketers claimed to have won new customers through the social media networks, especially Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • 46% of consumers rely on social media when they make a buying decision online.

These enterprising stats comfortably indicate what a significant role the social media plays on online users today. Therefore, it is not hard to connect why a social presence is more a necessity than a luxury to extend the reach of your brand, to generate traffic and to engage with your market. That said, it is easy to imagine why you may now think of integrating your landing page with your social media.


Landing Page and Social Media

Any landing page has a basic objective -- to get leads for targeted sales in the future. So it must be simple, crisp and have a credibility factor to it, one that inspires visitors to leave their data or motivates them to hit the Call to Action (CTA) button. While the 'simple' and 'crisp' part is taken care of by the website design team and you, the entrepreneur, the 'credibility' bit must come from your social presence. Those tiny red, blue and aqua buttons help reassure your visitors that many people like your business, so they can too. They exhibit fantastic powers, the power of recognition and acceptance. For example, if you want your landing page to collect essential visitor data to be analyzed and used better later, you might have to offer them something nice and useful like a discount or a free trial or maybe a free download. But maybe, that is not enough. People want more comfort while making a decision online. Social media presence comes in handy right in there. So you would want your visitors to check out your Facebook or Twitter page to get an idea of what the 'others' are saying. Once they see that, know that, they are more likely to act to your benefit and leave information on your landing page.


It is, therefore, often wise and necessary to have your social presence integrated with your landing page. It acts as a social proof and definitely increases the CTR for your business. However, there are smart ways to integrate your landing page with your social presence, and not anything and everything you do would work in your favour. Let's see what works and what doesn't.


What Works Well

The best part in this integration endeavour is that you get the strength of your own network to promote your business, to speak for your products and services. Even better, you can indulge in targeted marketing. Often, social media landing pages are more cost-effective than a pack of marketing e-maliers. These have three primary features:

  1. Visitors are allowed to share the page and promote the business through their own social networks.
  2. Social bookmarking sites are allowed to track and log them.
  3. Visitors are allowed to leave comments and information.


All or any of these are big boosters for your business success. So why wait? It's time you start working on your social media landing page.


Always add the right social media buttons -- be it Facebook or Twitter. When a visitor clicks on a button from your landing page, it shows up on their network, as much as in yours. So you must include buttons that expose you to the right networks.


Stay real. You can use widgets or anything that streams live updates about your business. But these feeds should be verifiable by visitors to know that there actual people using and liking your products and services and it's not just an data-fed robot doing the job.


Be clear and concise. Your social media landing page must not have too much to get your visitors dismayed and move away from the CTA point. You may even reconsider where you want the social media buttons to appear -- high up or bottom low. For all we know, you want your visitors to leave information on your landing page. And you want that achieved by all means. So be clear and do not distract their attention with improperly placed social media buttons.


What Does Not Work Well

A social media obsessed world tends to believe that having a presence in all or almost all social networks is a big plus. But unfortunately, it is not. Too much sweetness often spoils the pie. Similarly, too much of social media integration onto your landing page can bring about just the opposite result of driving traffic away from your business. Do not make the mistake of creating an account everywhere, in all social sites. That doesn't help. Rather, it is good to go low on count and high on substance. This means, your social presence is only as effective as the number of people engaged to it. A Twitter page with a good amount of followers may speak more than a fresh Facebook page with only about a handful of visitors. Therefore, do not add social media buttons randomly on your landing page. Go slow and go strong. A recent study found that choices kill attention. So a landing page with more social media buttons are likely to have much lesser CTRs as compared to those with 2 to 3 buttons.

Do your homework well, before you engage in social media integration with your landing page. Know your visitors' preferred social network, find out where they hang around more and what they value. Optimize your business on that platform and then include that on your landing page.

Finally, when you have integrated your social presence onto your website landing page, you must not think you are done there. You need to keep a tab on the CTRs and how these red, blue and aqua buttons are working in your favour. If you see that you aren't getting too much benefit out of any of these, be prompt to delete them. It's better to have no social media than create low CTRs with decreasing social media attention. This is because, low social media generates negative publicity, visitors tend to think your products and services are not popular enough and less worthy of trust. So they move away from your page too. You don't really want that, do you? So be quick and remove all ineffective social media from your landing page.

To conclude, it is only fair to say that social media integration is definitely helpful to have on your landing page, given the influence social media has on users today. But you must do your research well and strategise your marketing efforts tactfully before starting to integrate. Random integration efforts spell disaster and deviate traffic away from your business. So sit up smart, remember the tricks of the trade and start collecting vital leads with your social media landing page. Good luck!