Today, anyone cn create an app because it is easier than ever to find people who can build it for you.
Production is not the biggest challenge anymore (even if it is not easy), but rather the question is: What to produce?

Before you start producing anything, the more you know about your market the better. Here in Cubimo, you can use the RESEARCH feature to save information about your market that will be valuable to you and your future business.

When it is time to start producing, you will have moved forwards in the Cubimo process and there are articles with detailed suggestions on how to get it done.

Here are some things to keep in mind for now:

  • Who?
    Who is the app for? Really think about your user and what value they get from it
    • Work on this point in the Cubimo Idea Framework tool
  • Versions
    Think in versions. First build version 1
    • A lot of times projects and start ups fail because they are trying to do too much in the beginning. Get something to work. And then continue.
  • Who can you ask?
    Think about who you know. Do you know a designer, a programmer or someone who does? Take a look at your network and start asking questions
    • Invite people you trust to your team here in Cubimo and see if they can help you out
  • Resources
    Make a list of websites/services which provide resources that can help you find people. Start with
    • Use the Resource feature here in Cubimo to list and resources that can help you with your start up.