One of the great people in history, Winston Churchill, spoke the following famous words: “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”. When I looked closer at Churchill’s life, I realized that from his perspective it was much more than a play on words. Few people have had more failures than Winston Churchill, and few people have had more successes than Winston Churchill.

Here are a few examples of when things didn’t go so well:

  • He failed four times getting into the military academy.
  • He was captured by the Boer and was interned.
  • When he was the Minister of the Interior he was subjected to smear campaigns accusing him of betraying his own class.
  • After the battle of Gapoli he was forced to resign as Secretary of the Navy in disgrace.

On countless occasions the world had written him off. The only one who believed in Winston Churchill was Winston Churchill himself. But that was enough as he was living by the motto: “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”.

I myself have been around long enough to have experienced lots of various kinds of failures, and just like Churchill I choose to keep my enthusiasm. But Winston Churchill and I aren’t the only ones who have failed! The fact is that everyone who has created great things has experienced failures along the way.

If it seems like you are facing a failure, I want you to remember that you are heading in the right direction. Right now you have found a way that doesn’t work, and that means that you with enthusiasm can continue to look for a way that actually works.

Accelerate throughout the week by addressing something that isn’t working, find your enthusiasm for finding a great solution, and experience how fun it is to be successful.

Good luck - and I’ll see you next week!