Take a look at the phases of entrepreneurship. You are currently in the IDEA phase and when you are done here, you will go to the ROADMAP phase. That's where things really start hapening.

For your business to start becoming real, you need to start talking about it with a lot of people. When you do that, they will ask you questions. You need the answer to those questions, meaning you need to be prepared. When you are prepared, people can quickly understand what you want to do and only then are they in a position to help you out. Maybe they know somebody to put you in contact with? Maybe they can invest in your business? Whatever it is, you want to give them the chance to help you. The way to do that is to be prepared. Thats what the ROADMAP phase is all about. 

Go through the questions listed in the Are you ready section. When you have answered them all with a YES, keep going to build your new business.