The best scientist in the world cannot determine what your potential is. Nobody can ever tell you what you cannot do. This is good news, because it means that whatever you want to do is possible for you.

There is a process to starting a business. It is not aboue chance or luck (there is no such thing). Instead, it is about following the process for becoming successfull as an entrepreneur.  If you want to be a pilot and fly a plane, there is a process. If you want to be a chef and prepare a certain meal in the kitchen, there is a process. It is the same with entrepreneurship and that process is: DBCSE:

Dream: Dream feely about what you want to create Believe: Believe in the power of your dreams Create: Take action and create what you want to do Succeed: With hard work and dedication comes the results you want Enjoy: When you have done it, you will know it was worth it