I think you should expect success in all your undertakings. Let me explain why and what I mean by that.

The confidence in being able to do things is something many thinks they don’t have enough of, and the problem is that they think it has to stay that way. But that isn’t necessarily true; you can develop great confidence in any area you want.

If you look objectively on the issue, you already have enough confidence to get dressed in the morning, walk from one place to another or have a conversation with a neighbour. We have confidence in plenty of areas, but there are certain specific occasions that create problems.

The solution is the same as when I was little and learned to tie my shoes. At first it seemed absolutely impossible, but by studying and practicing, it eventually became so easy I no longer reflect over being able to do it. Personally, it means that I want to learn everything about the area I lack confidence in. That’s when I usually discover that it is pretty easy and often a lot of fun. Once I get started I decide that everything will turn out great. I do it with the expectation of being successful every time.

Good luck!