The feeling of getting angry can be as exhilarating as jumping into a fast sports car, put the pedal to the metal and drive off at full speed. Only to discover that the breaks aren’t working....

The other day I was visiting a company where everyone was angry and complained about all injustices in life. What I experienced at that workplace made me think about what anger does to us.


  • Causes accidents
  • Is harmful to your health, causing headaches and poor sleep, among other things
  • Makes you feel miserable and helpless
  • Prevents you from finding solutions
  • Takes energy and locks in your energy in the emotion
  • Destroys relationships and invites conflicts
  • Turns a loving life into a lonely life

You can probably think of many other things that can be added to this list.

I believe it is important to see anger for what it’s really is. The truth is that anger is a demolishing power that never leads to anything good. The anger is not giving or exciting; it’s just a boring self inflicted punishment. Your anger makes it possible for others to control you. Isn’t it about time to take back the control?

If you have tendencies to rage or become angry, make the decision to change that. Let go and stop focusing on it in the future.

Good luck!