When you know what you want to do, it is time to start answering a few questions about how it all will work. One of these questions deals with who your idea is for. Who will buy it? This depends on price, it depends on how the product/service is delivered and many other things. The three most common questions that we at Cubimo get from aspiring entrepreneurs are:

  1. The Idea: How do you find and idea and how do you know if an idea is good or not?  
  2. The How: When you have an idea, how will you actually turn it into a company?
    Which are the smartest steps to take that provides great results in a short period of time. It easy to waste a lot of time and money in the beginning - something that you want to avoid as much as you can.
  3. The Money: How will the idea earn money and where will the money come from to start the business?
    How will you pay for food and rent before the new business generates a good enough income?

We go through the most important questions to define your idea in the Cubimo process.