We at Cubimo want to congratulate you for having started your journey towards building a business and we want to do all we can so that you can move forwards as fast as possible. Turning an idea into reality and starting a business is a process just like anything else. If you want to become an elite athlete and compete in the olympics, there is a certain process you can follow and if you ask people who have done it before, they can tell you about it. Every elite athlete in the world has a coach and you as an elite entrepreneur should also have a coach. 

Cubimo connects you with the process that is required for starting a business. Here you will find the information you are looking for, the tools you need and great people to work with and ask for advice. 

The first couple of steps are:
finding an idea that is a good match for what you want to work with
Defining that idea, including becoming clear about who the idea is for
Start talking about the idea with people you know. It is important to get feedback on your thoughts and you don’t have to worry so much about people stealing the idea. 
Do some basic research about the market you are about to enter including learning about what you future customers are doing now. 
Listing what you need to go forward. If you think about your business as already started, it is rather easy to come up with a good list of things you need
Talking to people who can be part of your team in one way or another. Inside Cubimo we give you examples of what you can say and how you can present the business idea and how you can ask for their help

To prove to you that entrepreneurship is not unknown or unguided territory, we will also go through what more you need. After a while you will start thinking about branding, sales and marketing. You might have to look into renting an office or hiring staff. You will need a budget and maybe you want investors in your business? All of this and more, we will show you how to do. 

Prepare to be succesfull!