It is important you take a look at the market and what is available right now. It is easy to say your idea is for everyone and there is no competition. This is never true. First of all, you cannot deliver to everyone even if your idea is for everyone. And second, when you introduce your business to the market, you need people to change their current behaviour. Instead of doing what they are doing now - you want them to do that with and through you instead. This means that something else is your competition and the more you know about the current market the better. 
You can sit down and google this, or if your idea is local, you can take a walk and look at what people do now. You can go to seminars, buy books, look at youtube or read the news. Whatever you do, start doing it and save interesting information that you find here in Cubimo. There is a section for your Basic research

Later on, when you are explaining your business to someone, they will ask you about research and they don’t want to hear only you say “I am sure this and this will happen”. You need data and other sources to back up what you are saying. That’s what the research is for. It gives you a better insight into the market so you can build a better business and it also answers questions from future partners, investors, banks etc.